Name: Geoffrey Arthur Ulmer

Age: 19

Birthday: January 3rd, 1991

Occupation: Professional Mountain bike racer

Residence: Brunswick, New York

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 200lbs

Hobbies: Division 1 New England Prep School Hockey- Defense

Favorite Track: Anything at Plattekill Bike Park

2010 Main Goal:  My goals for 2010 are repeating my selection to  The USAC National Team so that I can race the UCI World and Continental Championships, in addition to placing well in the UCI World Cups and Canada Cups as well as the ProGRT races.  

I take every race and every second seriously and always try 110 percent. I will continue to work hard to get to the top spot.

2009 USAC Worlds Championship Selection

2008 USAC World Championship Team Selection

USAC Pro Downhill Mountain Bike Racer

Only USAC Junior with World Cup Experience

My passion is racing bicycles downhill. In 2010 I’ll be nineteen years old and racing downhill mountain bikes for the 9th season. This will be my third year in the professional ranks. The past two years I raced as a Pro/Elite rider at all races except the National and World Championships, where according to the rules I raced as a junior. Racing has taken me to places I’ve never dreamed I’d get the chance to visit. I have success winning, representing sponsors professionally and getting media exposure. Most importantly, I’ve made countless lifetime friends across the world.

In 2009 I was selected by USA Cycling to race the two UCI World Cup races in Canada and the UCI World Championships in Australia. The UCI World Championship was my second consecutive year being selected to the team. Unfortunately in 2008, I injured my shoulder while training in Italy It happened just a couple of days before the event. I did finish out the season, with a lot of pain and weakness from the torn rotator cuff. It did not go great, no matter how hard I tried. In September 2008 I elected for surgery and a six-month rehab; I was ready to prove myself again. While I did have success in 2009, the lingering effects of the surgery and not being able to ride for eight months kept me from performing as well as I could have. I am now back on my daily training schedule and will be ready for my first full Pro/Elite season in 2010. Honestly I can’t wait for the next season to begin.

Other 2009 highlights in addition to being selected to the USA Cycling Team incl

          ude winning my first Pro race, qualifying for the Bromont World Cup final and beating all the North Americans at the World Championships while finishing 15
th overall. I lead the USAC Pro rankings for the first 8 months of 2009 but fell to my current position of fourth after the National Championships where I had to race JrX and couldn’t collect the big Pro points.

My race schedule in 2010 will include; the Pan-American Championships, the USAC National Championships,  UCI World Cup races,  Canada Cup Races and as many, Pro GRT, Gravity East and NYS Championship Races as the schedule allows. I’ll do my best to be selected to represent the USA at the World Championships for the third consecutive year.

In 2008 I raced UCI World Cups for Playbiker-Ironhorse an Italian UCI Trade Team based out of Pila, Italy. In 2009 I raced independently or when in Canada for Xprezo Bikes a UCI Canadian Team and manufacturer. I have gained valuable International experience, training and racing in Italy, Slovenia, Scotland, Andorra, Canada and Australia.

I moved up to the Junior Expert Class when I was 14 and upgraded to Pro when I was 16. I’ve won the USA Cycling National Championship, several NMBS race’s, The Vermont State Championship Series twice, the New York State Championship and Plattekill Series three times. I have a history of representing my team/sponsors positively and professionally, while generating a lot of media exposure.

I will continue working with on riding videos, photo shoots and helmet cam runs at courses. I have been featured in Decline and StrictlyDH magazines as well as numerous pictures and mentions in several magazines, local newspapers and websites. I have also appeared in sponsors’ catalogs/calendars. I have good media contacts and generate a good amount of exposure for the companies I represent.

In 2010 I plan again to race independently and retain most of the great group of companies I represented in 2009. I am however looking for new products and services to compliment my existing base.

My goals for 2010 are repeating my selection to The USAC National Team so that I can race the UCI World Championship in Mont Saint Anne, win the USAC’s National Championship and get to enough World Cup races to place well in the series. I take every race and every second seriously and always try 110 percent. I will continue to work hard to get to the top spot.

            Many thanks to my 2009 personal sponsors as well, FiveTen Shoes, POC Cane Creek, Monster Energy Drinks,, RUFUSDESIGN  Gravity, Duro, ODI and especially my favorite place to ride:  Plattekill Bike Park, Roxbury, NY.  

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